We help optimize business processes and operations to create competitive advantage.

Our competencies in project management and process analysis, design, and improvement applied to our client’s operational environment allows them to get the most out of personnel, technology, and workflow. Our services include:

Process Management Facilitation

Using best practice tools, techniques, and model, we facilitate detailed analysis of the as-is environment. Improvement opportunities are documented along the lines of data flow, facilities, product, personnel, and resources expended. We then help process leaders define improved process, data, and resource flows applying business case analysis to assure cost, benefit and risk drive operational implementation decisions.

Project Management

Our certified project managers, with world-class tools, improve clients service and product delivery through clear requirements, managed change, daily communication, and tool enforced collaboration.

We help you use data and information technology as a corporate asset.

Our competencies in data modeling and knowledge management benefits our clients as we identify, classify, develop information taxonomies, and determine optimum access and sharing techniques for valuable intellectual assets. We then employ strong software engineering principles from requirements analysis through system operations and maintenance to assure the right data is at the right place at the right time, consistently.

Information Technology support

Our information technology skills are used to design, develop, operate, maintain, and secure critical hardware, software, network, and facilities supporting the assured availability of corporate information.

We help structure the organization for optimum communication and collaboration.

Balanced with our process and information management experience is our background in implementing workflow automation, exploiting collaboration tools, optimizing team efforts, managing change, and recommending organization structures to take the best advantage of that change.

We facilitate business continuity and disaster preparedness to assure enterprise resilience.

USI offers a flexible range of consultancy-based services to support and assist clients who are embarking on business continuity planning projects, or who need to review or exercise existing plans. These services include:

Risk Assessments

USI helps client organizations identify and control the external and internal threats that could affect facilities and infrastructure. We provide a detailed report on those threats, control strategies needed and costs to implement.

Business Impact Analysis

USI identifies the impacts on our clients business by running business critical functions through a series of disaster simulations enabling quantification of such impacts. We identify time-critical functions, their recovery priorities, and interdependencies so that recovery time objectives can be set.

Business Continuity Strategies

USI determines and guides clients through the selection of possible business operating strategies for continuation of business critical functions within recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives ensuring a safe, graceful and expedient return to normal operations.